At BENS Market, our brand vision is centered around creating a dynamic and empowering experience for travelers, a place where their journeys are not just refueled but enriched. Our core pillars remain unchanged, but we have refined our vision to better reflect the essence of our brand and the aspirations we hold for our truck stop and gas station.

"Fueling Adventures, Empowering Explorers"


BENS Market is a vibrant community of adventurers, truckers, families, and explorers. We strive to foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, where people from different backgrounds come together to share their stories, exchange knowledge, and form connections. Our space will serve as a social hub, offering spaces for relaxation, networking, and camaraderie, making every visit an opportunity for new friendships to bloom.

BENS Market Motto

"Tank running low, you know where to go, BENS Market"

With this motto, we emphasize our dedication to being a reliable and trustworthy destination for travelers in need of fuel and a warm respite. It serves as a reminder that, at BENS Market, travelers will find more than just fuel; they will discover a welcoming space that understands and supports their journey’s needs.

At BENS Market, we are committed to fueling adventures and empowering explorers. We seek to redefine the truck stop and gas station experience, transforming it into a memorable and uplifting part of every traveler’s journey. By embracing our core pillars of community, convenience, and care, we aim to be the preferred stop along the road, where every traveler is celebrated, valued, and inspired to continue exploring the world.

Bens Market

Services we provide:

  • Convenience Store
  • Fueling station
  • Car Wash*
  • USPS Service*
  • Liquor Store*
  • Scale**(in some locations)
Bens Market

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Bens Market

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We invest in technology and build modern, innovative stores that we can equip with exceptional programs to be the brand you trust for everything you need. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience at BENS Market in all our locations.