Step Into Our Story: Where History Meets Tomorrow

Unveiling the Charms of Our New Travel Center

Hello there, fellow travellers and adventurers! Hold on tight, because we’re giving you the warmest welcome to our new travel center—a place where the past and future come together in the most amazing way. Let’s take you on a journey that connects yesterday with the dreams of tomorrow. So, buckle up and join us as we set off on this exciting adventure!

A Toast to the Past: From Semiahmoo to Canning Marvels

Let’s begin by delving into the roots of Blaine. Long before this town bore its name, the land was home to the Semiahmoo, a tribe with deep connections to the region. In 1858, as the Fraser River Gold Rush swept through, two Semiahmoo communities emerged, each with stories to tell. These threads were woven together, giving birth to Blaine—a town with a rich tapestry of canneries. Among them, the Alaska Packers Association stood proud, leaving a legacy that still whispers in the breezes of the iconic Semiahmoo Resort. And of course, there’s the remarkable Peace Arch, a monumental gateway that connects us not only to our captivating history but also to the neighboring beauty of Canada.

Soaring with Stories: Taking Flight from Blaine's Aviation Days

Now, let’s imagine soaring beyond the pages of history books to a lesser-known tale—the tale of the Blaine Municipal Airfield. Our inspiration for this travel center took flight from the iconic barrel-shaped roof of that old airport hangar. Picture this: a roof that sheltered dreams taking off, propellers humming with excitement. These unique cool roofs ignited the spark for the creation of something truly extraordinary.

Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future

Imagine an old airport hangar, a spot full of stories about flying and the brave folks who soared high above. Our inspiration? That cool barrel-shaped roof you might have seen at airports. We’re taking that inspiration and giving it a modern twist to create the heart of our travel center.

Cool Roofs: Where Old Meets New

Think of these cool roofs like a time machine that connects old and new. They’re not just fancy buildings; they also make room for a second floor, like a secret hideaway. When you walk into our travel center, you’ll notice these unique curved roofs—they’re more than just eye candy. They’re a sign that we’re all about making your visit special.

Feeling the Aviation Vibes

But wait, there’s more! Our travel center sits on the land where the Blaine Municipal Airfield used to be. The shapes of our roofs are like a salute to the airplane hangars of the past. These roofs aren’t just there for looks; they’re a way for us to say, “Hey, we remember the history of this place!” You can practically hear the hum of propellers and feel the energy of the early aviators as you step in.

More Than Just a Stop

This isn’t your average travel center—it’s an experience. The cool roofs are not just decoration; they’re part of the vibe that makes our stop buzz with life.

Past Meets Present, Dreams Take Flight

It’s not just about how it looks; it’s about the stories we’re sharing. Our travel center is more than just a cool design; they’re a symbol of daring dreams and moving forward. The stories of the brave aviators from the old hangar days? They’re like a magic touch in our plans. Every beam, every corner—each one has a bit of adventure in it.

Tesla EV Chargers: Charging Into the Future

Adventures of the modern world deserve modern amenities. That’s why, at our travel plaza, we’re proud to offer Tesla electric vehicle chargers. So, whether you’re fueling up your traditional ride or charging your cutting-edge electric vehicle, we’ve got you covered. It’s not just a pit stop; it’s a charging experience that propels you forward into the exciting future of transportation.

More Than a Pit Stop, It's Your Adventure

Stepping inside is like stepping into an adventure. The curves of those cool roofs stand tall as you fuel up and grab a bite. They’re like bridges between the past and today. Oh, and here’s a secret! Our stop is a food lover’s paradise, with all sorts of delicious options for every taste.

Join the Journey

Are you excited to jump into this journey with us? We’re not just opening doors; we’re inviting you to a place where history sets the stage for tomorrow’s dreams. Walk through these halls, and let the stories of the past and the promises of the future guide your way. And guess what? We’ve got an exclusive offer just for you through our social media and mobile app! Fuel up and enjoy a 20 cent discount per gallon on your gas fill-up on the Opening Day. The first 17 people also get 5 gallons of gas for free. Show this post at our station, and let the adventure begin.

With the spirit of those cool roofs guiding us, we’re steering towards a path where stories blend, and memories are waiting to be made. Your adventure starts now!

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