Behind the Newsletter: Justin Christensen’s Personal Touch at Bens Market

Family, Determination, Legacy

Take a peek behind the scenes as Justin Christensen, Bens Market partner, shares a heartfelt newsletter about family, determination, and building a legacy. Explore the short excerpt from Justin’s own story, inspired by Ben Joshi, and get a glimpse into his life outside of work.

In a recent newsletter sent by Justin Christensen, the spotlight shines on his parents’ determination, the importance of family, and the pursuit of building a lasting legacy. The newsletter offers a brief but poignant excerpt from Justin’s personal history, drawing inspiration from the values instilled by his family and Ben Joshi’s influence.


“Ever been jolted awake by a truck engine? Fuel trucks starting up each morning outside my bedroom window were my daily alarms as a kid. Those engines weren’t just noise, but reminders of the sweat and grit my parents were pouring into Christensen after founding it in 1980”

Life Beyond Business

Beyond the business realm, Justin Christensen’s life outside of work is marked by a passion for cycling, traveling and enjoying the outdoors and a dedication to his wife and family. These snippets provide a glimpse into the person behind the partner, showcasing the multifaceted nature of Justin’s character.

As you enjoy the visual treat of Justin’s newsletter, take a moment to appreciate the personal touch he brings to Bens Market. It’s more than just business; it’s a reflection of values, family, and the determination to leave a meaningful legacy.

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